Prescription Assistance

Did you know that the major pharmaceutical manufacturers have programs available for patients that don’t have prescription insurance coverage and meet certain income guidelines? It’s true! There are programs out there that help people that are in need. However, there are three major hurdles to benefiting from these programs:

1)Lack of awareness
2)Difficulty in applying
3)Complexity of staying in the program

You see, each drug company has their own set of guidelines, forms and requirements. Once you have been accepted into their program, there will be additional, ongoing requirements to stay in the program. If you are just needing one medicine it shouldn’t be a big deal. If however you need 5,6 or more drugs, it can be overwhelming!

Navigating the complexities of policies and requirements of
Patient Assistance Programs can be difficult, at best.

Last year the drug companies gave away over $5 billion of free medicine to patients in need. Isn’t it about time that you benefit? Don’t spend another day worrying about how you are going to pay for your medicine, take action


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