Enduring Myths The Socialists Love to Perpetuate

The current administration is seeking to socialize the US healthcare system. Make no mistake about it, euphunisms aside. In its entirety, this “new plan” of socialized healthcare not only flaunts basic economic principles, it defies observable evidence. Like most political agendas, they base the “need to do something, whatever it takes” on several premises that if repeated often enough are taken as fact rather than a premise. Each major premise behind this plan’s design is based mainly on idealistic desires that show little likelihood of being obtainable.

A national health system is not the answer to the health care crisis. Any government health care program is inconsistent with limited government and respect for individual liberty and would simply be a massive wealth re-distribution scheme.

As a practical matter, whom would you rather have building your house, supplying the grocery store, teaching your child and treating your illnesses?: A government worker whose pay is only loosely tied to performance or a market player whose next paycheck depends on providing you with high quality, reasonably-priced goods and services.


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