Anyone who is suffering from or knows someone who has Multiple Sclerosis knows very well how physically, mentally, emotionally and financially debilitating this disease gets. Though it affects people differently and how it affects an individual cannot be predicted, those affected with this condition can still try to stay well.

Staying healthy is important for all, but those with multiple sclerosis have to pay extra attention to their health. The symptoms and sometimes the medications used to treat this disease can have an impact on a person’s mobility, energy level, eating habits and feelings, thus compromising a person’s overall well-being. Improvement of the aspects of health that we have some control over often improves our quality of life and the way we perceive and respond to the things that happen to us. Studies have shown that for people with multiple sclerosis, regular aerobic exercise and a healthy diet contributes a great deal in terms of improving a patient’s well-being. Increased muscle strength, decreased fatigue, increased energy level and endurance, better bladder/bowel control, reduced feelings of depression and a protected bone mass are but a few of the many benefits of exercise and good diet.

Alongside proper medication, people with multiple sclerosis stand a better chance of improving the quality of their lives. To achieve this, then, one must be diligent in taking their medicine as prescribed by their doctor. However, for more than half of Americans residing in the US, the steep price of medication for multiple sclerosis can hinder their desire to better their lives. Each year millions of Americans across the United States who do not have the benefit of health insurance or prescription drug coverage plans are faced with costs that they are often unable to afford, causing them to risk their health, lives, and sometimes even their bank accounts. Here are a few tips on how you can save on medicine:

Be honest in telling your doctor if he can prescribe an equally-potent, yet cheaper, brand of medicine. Better yet, ask him if it’s okay that you buy generic or if he has samples he can give you.

Compare the prices of your prescription medicine. Visit or call pharmacies within your area and find out which offers the cheaper price. Many pharmaceutical companies offer coupons and rebates on medicine, so be sure to visit the companies websites or contact them by phone to find out more information.

Go online and register for programs out there designed specifically to help people who can’t afford their prescription drugs. For a minimum monthly service fee, these programs can provide patients with very low cost or even free medicine.


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