Interesting Facts

At Rx Help, we assist low income, uninsured patients obtain their brand name prescription medicine for free through Patient Assistance Programs. Looking through our database here are some interesting facts.

Average age of patient:

Average number of physicians:

Average number of brand name medicine we help them with:

Average cost of that medicine before they joined our program:
$597.00 per month.

Top 5 medical conditions:
Behavioral Health

Top 25 Brand name prescription medicine, with the drug maker, that we help people with:

1.) Lipitor-Pfizer
2.) Advair-GlaxoSmithKline
4.) Nexium-AstraZeneca
5.) Norvasc-Pfizer
6.) Remicade-Centocor
7.) Enbrel-Amgen/Wyeth
8.) Zyprexa-Lilly
9.) Diovan-Novartis
10). Risperdal-Johnson & Johnson
11.) Aranesp-Amgen
12.) Rituxan-Genentech
13.) Effexor-Wyeth
14.) Protonix-Wyeth
15.) Singulair-Merck
16.) Seroquel-AstraZeneca
17.) Prevacid-TAP Pharmaceuticals
18.) Procrit-Ortho Biotech
19.) Cozaar-Merck
20.) Flomax-Boehringer
21.) Lovenox-Aventis
22.) Avandia-GlaxoSmithKline
23.) Actos-Takeda
24.) Copaxone-Teva
25.) Lexapro-Forest

As you can see, there is tremendous value in participating in these programs. There are over 22 million Americans that don’t have health insurance and have a household income of less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. This income level is the general guideline that most of the drug companies use to determine eligibility for assistance. If you or someone you know needs prescription drug help, I encourage you to contact the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, talk to your doctor or check with us to see if we can help you.


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