Universal Health Care

Take your average HMO, enlarge it to cover the entire country, turn it over to government bureaucrats to administer, wipe out the competition through legislation, eliminate any appeals process for denied or delayed care, forbid doctors and hospitals from accepting payment from anyone but the government and you’ve got the universal, single-payer health care system that the Obama administration is pushing. The same problems inherent in managed care are in a government-run system with a vengeance.

The current administration refuses to acknowledge that government involvement in healthcare is what got us to where we are today. 80% of all health care spending in the United States is paid for by the government. When you add up Medicare, Medicaid, federal and state spending for employees, retirees and VA, you will find out that government is the largest purchaser of health care in the United States by far.

If the Obama regime wants to “fix” our health care system, they first need to realize that they need to undo much of what the government has already done. Go back to the free market, not away from it. A free-market solution is never one, universal solution. It is the sum of millions of individual decisions. Obama and his fellow socialists have placed this country on a nationalization fast track. Banks, Wall Street, auto makers, insurers, housing. Is health care next? Do we really want a health care czar? If that is what we get, be prepared! There is a big ugly truth that the reformers refuse to talk about. It is the only true way to reduce the amount of health care spending, as opposed to just shifting the cost to someone else. This is the one solution you will never hear them discuss.

This one fact that the socialist don’t want to discuss is the “R” word- rationing. One doesn’t need a law degree from Harvard to know that the most effective method of reducing total cost of an item is to reduce the amount that you are consuming. Families do it all the time as do businesses. If you want to reduce the amount of spending on entertainment, you go to the movies less often. Want to reduce your spending on fuel? Drive less. If government wants to reduce the amount being spent on healthcare then they will need to reduce the amount of healthcare that is being consumed. This must be mandated because no American is going to voluntarily sacrifice on healthcare to save Washington money. Unless the government starts rationing health care, we will never be able to get costs under control; we will just continue playing the shell game of shifting it around. When the government does decide to cut cost and starts rationing health care, we will then have the true health care revolution that we need to free medicine.


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