www.rxhelpforwa.org is a very helpful site for patients that live in the state of Washington and need assistance with their expensive prescription medicine. This is a do-it-yourself website and is very complete. It will require the patient to fill out all of the information, determine what proof of income is needed, obtain the needed physician information and submit the forms to the drug companies. The patient is also responsible for all of the follow up and appeals if there is a denial (which isn’t uncommon). The patient is also responsible for the refill process down the road.

If the patient only has one or two medicines that they need help with and are pretty well organized, then this site should be helpful. However, if the patient is on several medications and needs someone to help them, then they should probably enlist the services of a fee based professional firm such as Rx Help. For a small monthly fee, Rx Help will complete all of the paperwork, coordinate with your physician, handle all appeals and track the refill process for you.

Help with prescriptions is very important for those that need it. If you live in WA and can do it yourself then you should check out www.rxhelpforwa.org. If you need someone to help you and work on your behalf, please contact Rx Help.


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